GAIAGEN Naturals for Termites in Soil

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100% Pesticide-free Solution

A biological formulation designed to specifically target subterranean termites present in the soil.It is an effective and novel treatment for lasting termite control that is completely safe for plants, pets and humans.


  • On application, the nematodes actively seek out termites in the treated area
  • They enter the termite body and feed on the termites, killing them
  • Termite cadavers provide the most suitable conditions for the nematodes to multiply
  • Thousands of juvenile nematodes emerge from the insect cadaver in search of new termites in the soil
  • In the absence of termites in the soil, the nematodes can lie dormant, and remain viable for a period of 6 months
  • This ensures lasting “barrier-like” protection on the treated area


  • Water the area that you intend to treat and ensure it is adequately moist
  • Mix 1 kg with 50 litres of water to treat an area of 100 square metres
  • Stir thoroughly until it is completely dissolved
  • Transfer the solution from the drum into the watering can
  • Pour uniformly across the area of application
  • Water the treated area regularly to keep the soil moist
  • Reapply once every 6 months for best results

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