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Gaiagen - Insect Identification


Insect Identification

Insects can cause irreparable damage to a business if not managed properly. Most times however, businesses aren’t equipped to identify the insect in the first place. At GaiaGen, we help businesses identify the species of insects that pose a threat to their quality parameters.

To help businesses devise a prompt and effective control measure, our dedicated Pest Identification Team ensures swift and accurate identification.

Gaiagen - Insect Identification
Insect Repository
Gaiagen - Insect Repository


Gaiagen is equipped with a large insect repository that houses a wide range of insect specimens of all life stages. Our in-house scientists study the specimens closely to understand their behaviour and responses.

The research from the Insect Repository assists our scientists in developing efficient and accurate control measures across industries.

Gaiagen - Insect Repository
Field Testing
Gaiagen - Field Testing


Gaiagen carries out field tests to help businesses understand and record the efficacy of their product samples. We have a large testing field which is frequently visited by our testing experts
and scientists.

Field testing ensures that product samples are tested in conditions that are similar to the conditions once they reach the end user.

Gaiagen - Field Testing
Product Evaluation
Gaiagen - Product Evaluation


We help businesses in the pest control and hygiene products manufacturing evaluate the efficacy of their sample products. A dedicated team of specialists observe the responses of a target pest to a sample product.

All observations are accurately documented and studied further for insights that help product developers understand the effectiveness and viability of the sample.

Gaiagen - Product Evaluation
Quality Assurance Testin
Gaiagen - Food Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance for Food Products

Gaiagen offers Food Product Quality Assurance Testing to ensure businesses are compliant to the food safety standards in both local and international markets. The service is customised to meet the stringent standards of the Food Industry.

We provide reliable microbiology tests and pathogen detection that ensure businesses meet the highest standards in food safety.

Quality Assurance for Packaging Materials

Product packaging is an instrumental necessity across industries. It affects product stability and quite often even quality. By inspecting packaging material, businesses can evaluate the most
compatible packaging option for quality and shelf life.

Gaiagen offers various Packaging Material Quality Assurance Tests that determine the quality and integrity of the material.

Gaiagen - Food Quality Assurance
Gaiagen Packaging Quality Assurance
Volatile Identification Studies
Gaiagen - Volatile Identification Studies


We carry out insect and plant Volatile Identification Studies to understand the efficacy of various pheromones. Using a host of methods, our scientists separate the various compounds that are present in the sample.

Once separated, the antennae responses to each compound are graphically recorded. This helps businesses develop products that target specific pests.

Gaiagen - Volatile Identification Studies
Contract Synthesis
Gaiagen - Organic Compound Synthesis


Gaiagen offers custom synthesis of organic compounds for businesses looking to develop pest control products and hygiene products. We are equipped to deliver intermediates, reference
compounds, starting materials and derivatives of lead compounds.


Our trained and extremely qualified staff ensure that the entire process is closely observed and documented at regular intervals.

Gaiagen - Organic Compound Synthesis
Contract Manufacturing
Gaiagen - Contract Manufacturing


Our unparalleled expertise in the entomology industry makes us the ideal partner for businesses looking to outsource intelligent pest management solutions. We follow stringent quality control
methods so that quality is never compromised.


A dedicated team is assigned to ensure the delivery of products to businesses who reach out to us for contract manufacturing.

Gaiagen - Contract Manufacturing
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