While our Pheromone Lures attract the targeted insects, our Pheromone Traps ensure that they are captured. Each trap is designed for the use of a specific range of Pheromone Lures. 


A novel and collapsible design bucket trap created for trapping Red Palm Weevils and Rhinoceros Beetles. To be used along with Gaiagen Pheromone Lures.



  • Simple & compact design, patented and introduced by Gaiagen

  • Easy to install and can be serviced without hassles

  • Outer surface provides easy grip for beetles to ensure trapping without difficulty

  • Long lasting and cost effective in field conditions

  • Each trap contains: Base container, Upper windowed holder and Lid with Lure holder & J-Hook




A specially designed trap with translucent dome for monitoring and trapping Melon Flies and Oriental Fruit Flies. To be used along with Gaiagen Pheromone Lures.


  • Easy to assemble, easy to monitor, easy to clean

  • Used with pheromone lures to selectively attract specific species

  • Reduces the unnecessary spraying of chemical pesticides

  • Can be used in all seasons and withstand heavy sunlight

  • Each trap contains: Yellow colored base container, Translucent dome top cover and Lure holder

Suitable for Bador Lure & Bacu Lure




A reusable sun board casing with replaceable sticky liners to trap Cocoa Pod Borers and Fruit Flies.



  • An easy to assemble and simple to use trap

  • Outer sun board casing withstands extreme temperatures

  • Water-proof design protects glue trap from rain

  • Long lasting and cost effective in field conditions

Suitable for CPB Lure, Cydia Lure, LFC Lure, FCM Lure




A specially designed trapping device for crop field pests. To be used along with Gaiagen Pheromone Lures.



  • Designed, patented and introduced by Gaiagen

  • Innovative design protects lure from direct sunlight

  • Easy to install and fits on a single pole and can be used over many seasons

  • Easy to service and record catches

  • Each trap contains: Trap basin, Adapter and Lure holder

Suitable for Lucin Lure, INB Lure, TLM Lure, SSB LURE, STB Lure, ESB Lure, DBM Lure, LPB Lure, PTM Lure &  SPW Lure




A funnel base trap for mass trapping pests like Bollworms and Stem Borers.



  • Easy to install and simple to service

  • Withstands exposure to extreme sunlight

  • Innovative water-proof design protects lure from rain

  • Does not require constant monitoring and servicing

Suitable for Pectino Lure, Heli Lure, Lucin Lure, Scirpo Lure, FAW Lure, Spodo Lure,  SSB Lure, STB Lure, ESB Lure, Erin Lure, Ervit Lure, Agrotis Lure, Spodoptera Exigua Lure, Chilo Suppressalis Lure & PSB Lure.



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