While our Pheromone Lures attract the targeted insects, our Pheromone Traps ensure that they are captured. Each trap is designed for the use of a specific range of Pheromone Lures. 


A novel and collapsible design created for trapping Red Palm Weevils and Rhinoceros Beetles.



  • Patented design by Gaiagen

  • Easy to install and can be serviced without hassles

  • Outer surface provides easy grip for beetles to ensure easy trapping

  • Long lasting and cost effective in field conditions

  • Collapsible design permits more SKUs per carton

  • Can be used with different various lures

  • Suitable for RB Lure & RPW Lure




An in house product designed to trap Melon Flies and Oriental Fruit Flies.


  • Easy to assemble, easy to monitor, easy to clean

  • Can be used to monitor all adult fruit flies

  • Weather-proof design to withstands extreme conditions

  • Meets export demands for low pesticide residue on produce

Suitable for Bador Lure & Bacu Lure




A reusable sun board casing with replaceable sticky liners to trap Cocoa Pod Borers and Fruit Flies.



  • An easy to assemble and simple to use trap

  • Outer sun board casing withstands extreme temperatures

  • Water-proof design protects glue trap from rain

  • Long lasting and cost effective in field conditions

Suitable for CPB Lure, Cydia Lure, LFC Lure, FCM Lure